Powerful warrior. Armed with dark techniques.

Mana cost: 100% of your lifesteal.

You steal HP each time you hit enemy.

Mana cost and healing depends on damage you made.
Lifesteal: 5% of your damage.
You can’t recover more than 50 HP.

Sorcery increases HP you steal and decreases mana cost.


Mana cost: 2 MP.

Each hit increases your run speed and damage.

Maximum damage bonus: 30%.
Maximum speed bonus: 45.
Stacks: 3 times.
Stacks duration: 5 seconds.
Each 20 Sorcery you will get an extra stack.

Sorcery increases damage and speed bonus.


Mana cost: 80% of maximum MP.

Extremely high damage reduction.
No critical hits when affected by Rush.

Damage reduction: 95%.
Duration: 4 seconds.
Duration stacks with multiple casts.

Sorcery increases duration of the skill.
Using will break the invisibility.


Fallen angel with burnt face. Great sorcerer.

Mana cost: 5% of maximum MP.

Heals you and allies in radius each 3 seconds.

Aura healing: 3% of ally max HP.
Aura radius: 384 units.

Sorcery increases HP healed and aura radius.
Using will break the invisibility.


Mana cost: 4% of maximum MP.

Damages enemies in radius each 2 seconds and gives you damage bonus.

Aura damage: 4% of enemy max HP.
Aura radius: 512 units.

Damage bonus: +1%.

Sorcery increases aura damage, radius and damage bonus.
Using will break the invisibility.


Mana cost: 40 MP.

Creates angelic defender.
Can be healed with Prayer or Salvation.
Angel health: 125 HP.
Angel regeneration: 4% of maximum HP each 2 seconds.

You can send angel back to heaven by using
Lord’s Sword secondary attack.

Sorcery increases angels health.
Using will break the invisibility.


Human from another realm. Strong support.

Mana cost: 35 MP.

Creates bag with medkits in front of you.

Bag healing: 10 HP.
Charges: 3.

Sorcery increases HP bag heals.
Using will break the invisibility.


Mana cost: 35 MP.

Charges: 2.

Creates ammunition bag in front of you.
Contains: 2 of .357, 15 of 9mm,
2 of shotgun ammo and 1 crossbow bolt.

Using will break the invisibility.


Mana cost: 50 MP.

Creates a turret in front of you.
Turret durability: 100 HP.
Turret regeneration: 4 HP each 2 seconds.
Attack speed: 2 shots per second.
Attack damage: 15 HP.
Attack range: 1024 units.

Usual Wrench attack functions.
Primary: heal turret.
Secondary: destroy turret.

Using will break the invisibility.

In game you can get more informative description of every skill (Skills menu, “B” key by default).
All values are initial, the most of them are increasing with Sorcery ability upgrades.